Gross Floor Area:  Approx. 78,500 m2 (850,000 sq. ft.)

Goal:  LEED® EB Gold

LEED® EB-O&M Commissioning including:

  • Energy and Environment prerequisite 1 (EAp1)
  • Energy and Environment credit 2.1 (EAc2.1)
  • Energy and Environment credit 2.2 (EAc2.2)
  • Energy and Environment credit 2.3 (EAc2.3)


Located in the Eau Claire district of downtown Calgary, Livingston Place is a Class ‘AAA’ office space consisting of two office towers plus a podium that features retail and fitness space, plus underground parking. Tower 1 of Livingston Place opened to the first tenant in 2007 and Tower 2 followed in 2008.

Additional Information:


Bentall-Kennedy (Canada)


Note: The project has been registered with the CaGBC for LEED® EB O&M.