Gross Floor Area:  64,924 m2 (818,838 sq ft)

Goal:  LEED® EB Gold

LEED® EB-O&M Commissioning including:

  • Energy and Environment prerequisite 1 (EAp1)
  • Energy and Environment credit 2.1 (EAc2.1)
  • Energy and Environment credit 2.2 (EAc2.2)
  • Energy and Environment credit 2.3 (EAc2.3)


The Canterra Tower is a Class ‘AAA’ office tower located in the Eau Claire District of downtown Calgary. It opened to the first tenant 1988 and offers tremendous vista views of downtown, the mountains, the city and prairies; it is one of the city’s top office buildings.

Additional Information:


Oxford Properties Group

Note: The project has been registered with the USGBC for LEED® EB O&M.