Gross Floor Area: 4,275 m2 (46,000 sq. ft.)

Goal: LEED® NC Silver

LEED EAp1 and EAc3 Commissioning including:

  • Pre-construction document reviews
  • Contractor submission reviews
  • Witnessing of selected mechanical and electrical tests
  • BAS system verification
  • Performance testing of HVAC systems
  • Mechanical and electrical training coordination and video taping of sessions
  • Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems
  • Authoring of the re-commissioning manual


The Canada Sports Hall of Fame is a two-storey building that features a 151 seat theatre; over 21,000 square feet of gallery space; a meeting room; and retail, storage, and learning spaces.

High-efficiency boilers and chillers, and four pipe-fan coil units provide heating and cooling for the hall and are among the numerous sustainable and energy-efficient tools incorporated in the building.