Gross Floor Area:  183,500 m2 (1,975,100 sq. ft.)

Goal:  Sustainable Design

LEED EAp1 and EAc3 Commissioning including:

  • Pre-construction document reviews
  • Contractor submission reviews
  • Witnessing of selected mechanical and electrical tests
  • BAS system verification
  • Performance testing of HVAC systems
  • Mechanical and electrical training coordination and video taping of sessions
  • Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems
  • Authoring of the re-commissioning manual


The new International Facilities Project at the Calgary International Airport is the largest expansion ever undertaken at the Calgary Airport. The new facility was opened in late 2016 and houses all international and trans-border flights to and from Calgary. The building consists of five levels, 22 new aircraft gates, and new Canadian and US customs areas. The project is targeting LEED Silver certification.

The expansion also included the construction of a Plus 30 elevated pedestrian walkway, a material-handling facility, a generator building, a passenger tunnel, a utility tunnel and a multi-elevator tower. The building’s mechanical and electrical systems feature geo-exchange heating and cooling with over 650 vertical wells; co-generation boilers producing heat and electricity; and dual radiant-heat and chilled-water slabs.