Gross Floor Area per school: Avg. 4,645 m2 (50,000 sq. ft.)

Goal:  LEED NC Silver (Target)

Schools include:
1)     Copperfield – Calgary, AB
2)     Coventry – Calgary, AB
3)     Panorama – Calgary, AB
4)     Taradale – Calgary, AB
5)     Tuscany – Calgary, AB
6)     Sara Thompson – Langdon, AB
7)     Westmount – Okotoks, AB
8)     Ellerslie – Edmonton, AB
9)     Griesbach – Edmonton, AB
10)  The Hamptons – Edmonton, AB

  • Review of the contract documents
  • Development of the commissioning plan
  • Sampling verification of DDC system and BAS
  • 100% performance testing of HVAC systems
  • Coordination of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Systems training, including video-recording
  • Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems


The new schools have all been designed with environmental sustainability top of mind during inception, design and construction.  The community and school board’s mandate for the ten new schools was to create energy-efficient, green buildings.