Gross Floor Area:  6,612 m2  (71,171 sq. ft.)

Goal:  LEED® NC 2009 Silver

LEED EAp1 & EAc3 Commissioning including:

  • Pre-construction document reviews
  • Contractor submission reviews
  • Witnessing of selected mechanical and electrical tests
  • BAS system verification
  • Performance testing of HVAC systems
  • Mechanical and electrical training coordination and video taping of sessions
  • Seasonal performance testing of HVAC systems
  • Authoring of the re-commissioning manual


The Acheson Centre is an industrial building located in Acheson, Alberta. It was first developed as a meat packing plant; however, the owner never completed the original project.

The Alberta Government purchased the structure and redeveloped it as a storage and collections facility. The building’s HVAC systems are being designed to maintain stringent temperature and humidity conditions. The facility opened in mid-2012.

Additional Information:

General Contractor:
Jen-Col Construction
Tel: 780.963.6523