Total building commissioning ensures quality delivery in new construction and facility modernization.

Total building commissioning is the process for achieving, validating and documenting that the performance of the total building and its systems meet the design intent and requirements of the owner. It is applied to the design, construction, and operation of a new building project.

The principles of total building commissioning
The basic principles of total building commissioning remain the same for all projects. The size and complexity 
of the building and client’s objectives will determine the level of commissioning that will provide the greatest benefits to the building owner.

The inclusion of a commissioning process at the early stage of the design phase provides the catalyst to begin and/or improve on a quality control program that considers all aspects of a project, improves communication and accountability between team members, and instills pride in workmanship.

Total Building Commissioning

  • Considers all aspects of a project
  • Improves team communication and accountability
  • Instills pride in workmanship