Re and Retro commissioning services ensure that existing buildings are examined and scrutinized to optimize performance and occupancy comfort.

Retro Commissioning is a quality control process performed on existing buildings that didn’t undergo commissioning during construction (and don’t have reference documentation available).
Re-commissioning takes place in buildings where a commissioning process was conducted (reference documentation is available), but now requires a new level of scrutiny to optimize performance and occupant comfort through the monitoring and correcting of operating procedures.

Re and Retro Commissioning (RCx) Program at CFMS Alberta
CFMS has completed several RCx studies in Calgary for buildings that have successfully achieved LEED certification with the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC). We continue to provide RCx services and initial assessments for Clients who may not pursue formal certification but value the investment and anticipated benefits of a formal commissioning program. Our RCx program has several components that require owner participation and commitment to the process.

Re-commissioning Process
Existing Building (Commissioned Before)

  • Systems Performance Review
  • Optimization of building systems efficiencies
  • Maintaining occupant comfort
  • Review of operations and maintenance practices
  • Review condition of equipment
  • Implementation of strategies
  • Ongoing commissioning efforts
  • Training

Retro commissioning Process
Existing Building (Never Before Commissioned)

  • Investigation and Analysis Assessment
  • Optimization of systems performance
  • Maintaining occupant comfort
  • Recommendations and capital planning assistance
  • Implementation of strategies
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Training