At CFMS Alberta Ltd. we provide independent, high-quality commissioning services across Western Canada to building owners, architects and construction companies.

What we offer:

Provide better control over construction costs and schedules.

Commissioning is an important step in the life cycle of a building whereby a series of vital checks are conducted prior to a building’s completion. At CFMS Alberta Ltd. our complete slate of commissioning services—including total building commissioning and LEED commissioning—play an important role in minimizing project risks and help our clients achieve performance goals right from the start.

At CFMS Alberta Ltd., we partner with our clients to ensure the safe and efficient operations of construction projects. Our job is to prove the integrity of all systems, helping our clients meet numerous challenges that arise from a project’s very beginning such as schedule adherence; regulatory, safety and environmental compliance; and cost controls.




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Total Building Commissioning

Total Building Commissioning ensures quality delivery in new construction and facility modernization. It is the process for achieving, validating and documenting that the performance of the total building and its systems meet the design intent and requirements of the owner. It is applied to the design, construction, and operation of a new building project.

The principles of total building commissioning

The basic principles of total building commissioning remain the same for all projects. The size and complexity of the building will determine the level of commissioning that will provide the greatest benefits to the building owner.
The inclusion of a commissioning process at the early stage of the design phase provides the catalyst to begin and/or improve on a quality control program that considers all aspects of a project, improves communication between team members, and instills pride in workmanship.

Re and Retro Commissioning

Retro Commissioning is a quality control process performed on existing buildings that didn’t undergo commissioning during construction (and don’t have reference documentation available). Re-commissioning takes place in buildings where a commissioning process was conducted (reference documentation is available), but now requires a new level of scrutiny to optimize performance and occupant comfort through the monitoring and correcting of operating procedures.

Re and Retro Commissioning (RCx) Program at CFMS Alberta

CFMS are currently conducting several RCx studies in Calgary for buildings registered with the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC). Our RCx program has several components that require owner participation.

LEED® Commissioning

The LEED Green Building Rating System is a benchmarking and design assistance tool that recognizes and rewards construction choices that improve the environmental performance of buildings. At CFMS Alberta, we have the understanding and the ability to help our clients navigate the complex process of LEED certification and earn the required LEED commissioning credits.

We are committed to:

optimizing higher-energy efficiency structures
indoor environmental health
occupancy comfort
improving overall indoor air quality

CFMS Alberta Ltd is part of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), which plays an integral role in the sustainable buildings industry. The CaGBC is committed to leading and transforming buildings to high-performing, healthy, green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada.

CFMS LEED PROJECTS: With the goal of achieving project certification within a given LEED rating system, CFMS Alberta takes a proactive and team-orientated approach, working with designated design and construction teams to meet the owner’s project requirements.



Facilities Management Support

This division of CFMS Alberta provides customized and cost-effective maintenance and operating programs for mechanical and electrical systems, effectively meeting the needs of tenants and building owners.
A few questions to ponder first:

  1. Does your building maintenance personnel constantly respond to space temperature and and/or humidity complaints?
  2. Do the mechanical systems in your building seem to be failing on a regular basis?
  3. Are you receiving full value from your service contracts?
  4. Are you meeting and documenting the building and environmental code requirements for your building?

If any of the above questions have touched on areas of concern regarding your building operations, you have just begun to answer the question “Why Facilities Management Support?”

In many cases—for example, due to budget constraints, changes in operating staff and building renovations—the core fundamentals or blueprints for how your building was originally intended to operate have changed or been forgotten. Without this basic blueprint or “design intent,” the overall negative impact of your building’s operations is far reaching and can adversely affect:

Building Comfort
Energy Costs
Preventative Maintenance Levels
Life Cycle of Equipment

Under these circumstances it would be advantageous to consult with professionals, who have the technical knowledge and experience to assist you in establishing a strong building operations program that would include one or more of the following items:

Review and Update the Building Design Intent
Building Automation Assessment and Training
Preventative Maintenance Programs and/or Procedures
Operator Training

Design and Commissioning of Building Automation Controls

This highly specialized and specific service of CFMS Alberta allows clients to work with our team of experts to help define commissioning and re-commissioning strategies for building automation controls. Our highly trained staff will provide design review of mechanical, electrical, and building systems to deliver innovative project solutions.

Building Automation Systems (BAS) must work effectively, efficiently and be relatively trouble free for at least ten years. At CFMS, our experts are perfectly positioned to help you navigate the complexities of purchasing, upgrading or replacing your Building Automation System. The myriad of considerations of a BAS—such as complicated manuals, communications networks, open protocols, stand-alone control units and DDC loops—are complex and confusing; never mind the large list of manufacturers’ representatives who “provide better products and services than the other guy.”

The decision to purchase a Building Automation System must be carefully considered as it is the system that will control the enviromental conditions within your building—it is an investment of approximately 15 per cent of the total installed price of a mechanical system and yet, controls 80 per cent of that same system.

At CFMS Alberta, we:

Continually review Building Automation Systems as they are updated by manufacturers.
Regularly investigate the performance of manufacturers representatives.
Research the manufacturers’ claims for compliance with open protocol networks such as BACnet and Lonmark.
Recommend the best combination of system and manufacturers’ representatives to satisfy a building owners’ requirements.

Our understanding of the construction process allows us to prepare specifications, tender documents and project manage even the most complex installations. Our goal is to ensure that every installation is complete, on time, and provides as-specified operational performance.

The BAS commissioning services we provide include:

Mechanical systems review and assessment
Mechanical systems performance testing
Building operations assessment
Building automation system design and specification preparation
Project management
Preparation of operating procedures
Preparation of maintenance management programs