• Steeped in History:

      CFMS Alberta is the first company in Canada to offer independent commissioning services in the construction and building industries.
    • Full range of commissioning services:

      Whether you’re looking for total building commissioning, perhaps thinking about re-commissioning your building, or looking
      for effective ways to operate and manage
      your existing facility, CFMS Alberta is
      here to help.
    • Qualified experts:

      Our highly-skilled team of professional technicians, engineering technologists and project managers leads and executes our commissioning processes, ensuring the completion of projects on time, on budget,
      and to our clients’ satisfaction.
    • Diverse portfolio:

      From libraries to airport expansions, Class A office buildings to university campuses, retail and commercial banking operations to healthcare facilities—our portfolio of projects spans numerous sectors and
      demonstrates our expertise.

Total Building Commissioning

Total Building Commissioning is the highest level of quality delivery in new construction and facility modernization. It is an in-depth and extensive process encompassing mechanical, electrical and architectural systems, as well as the building envelope.

Facilities Management Support

We engage and empower our client’s operating team while providing customized and cost-effective maintenance and operating programs for mechanical and electrical systems. Our ongoing monitoring services effectively track the progress of implemented strategies and unnecessary building performance activity.

Re and Retro Commissioning

Our retro commissioning services are well suited for building owners of properties that have never been commissioned, are in need of improved energy performance, and/or require the identification of problems and resulting recommendations for effective operational cost controls.

Our re-commissioning services are suited to buildings that have been previously commissioned either satisfactorily or unsatisfactorily. The process allows clients to effectively manage and track the ongoing performance of their buildings while continuously improving and implementing no- and low-cost strategies.

LEED® Commissioning

CFMS Alberta is proud to provide commissioning services that meet and exceed the prerequisites and credits for LEED® New Construction, LEED® Existing Buildings and LEED® Commercial Interiors.

Design and Commissioning of Building Automation Controls

We provide management services for building automation controls retrofit projects. Our client-focused services range from the identification of project requirements to the effective management and delivery of the final upgrade.

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